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Yoga Inspiration for Beginners

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Yoga does not need to be all about fancy poses and flashy outfits. While it has recently become trendy globally, yoga actually has ancient roots in Eastern traditions. The practice is a way of balancing oneself physically and emotionally, potentially even spiritually. 

Before beginning on your yoga journey, remember that everyone you see posing seemingly so perfectly in their yoga postures once was a beginner as well. Do your best not to compare yourself to them or criticize your body for not being so bendy, tiny, or seemingly unflawed. Everyone needs to start somewhere. The most common reason given for not doing yoga is inflexibility, which is highly ironic because one of the biggest reasons why someone should begin to practice yoga is precisely due to a lack of flexibility! Other good reasons include a desire to heal your body and mind, to cross train with another sport to strengthen your ability in said sport, and simply because you want to try it and see the benefits for yourself. Whatever your reason is for being interested, let's get started. 

First, start small. Decide whether you want to find a studio or begin an at-home practice. Then, set a realistic time to do so. Perhaps 2 classes per week or 2-3 hours at home. Let it be a gradual increase. 

Now, here are some sequences we recommend for beginners. If you do not know these postures, feel free to look them up for demonstrations or models. 

Sequence 1 (Vinyasa: One breath, one movement): 

Sun Salutation A x3

Sun Salutation B x3

Down dog, kneeling lunge, half-seated splits, humble warrior, standing half-moon, dancing shiva, tree, standing splits, vinyasa (repeat x3 each side, right leg then left)

End with simple stretching: seated forward fold, pigeon, and butterfly


Sequence 2 (Yin: Hold each pose 5-7 min, breathe deeply):

Seated meditation (3 min)

Child's pose, melting heart puppy pose, cat cow, sphinx, dragonfly, reclined butterfly, knees to chest

Savasana (3 min)

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