Christine's Review - ASAPSKINNY - Best Detox Tea

Christine's Review - ASAP Teatox

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Sometimes when you are trying to get healthy, you need just a little something extra to give you a boost.  I know that I love to find products that give my metabolism a healthy pinch on the bum to get it moving again.  So I was so excited when ASAP DETOX contacted me to try out some of their TeaTox products.

ASAPSKINNY Morning Boost

These products could not be easier to use.  Here is a picture of the actual instructions on this bag.  See what I mean?  Even in my groggy, half-asleep state, I was able to make myself a delicious morning cup of tea.  This Morning Boost tea was perfect to give me a little kick-start in the morning without making me feel jittery.  And it was delicious, too…I added a bit of honey just because that’s how I roll, but it would be perfect without it, too!

ASAPSKINNY Evening Detox

And then there’s the evening tea.  Guys, I can’t say enough about this Evening Detox tea.  It was so calming to make and drink this tea about an hour before bedtime.  It helped me feel relaxed and ready to go to bed.  I sleep so well when I drink this stuff.

ASAPSKINNY Manatea Infuser

So grab yourself a really adorable infuser like this one and get yourself some of this tea.  You will not regret it.  Not only is the tea itself amazing, but you will feel great, and I honestly do feel like it’s helped me to “beat the bloat” and flatten my tummy a little in conjunction with my regular diet and exercise.  And what could be better than that?


Learn more and order today by clicking on the photo below. 



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  • I love this tea it give me so much energy ….

    Guadalupe on
  • Is this a business opportunity as well?

    Yvonnia Warren on
  • hola buenos dias queria preguntales yo me encuentro en bogota hay una parte k aca se puedan con seguir muchas gracias feliz dia

    patricia lopez on
  • Healthiest tea product we’ve tried in a long time,

    Marq on

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