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Mindfulness. What is the Trend and Benefits?

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You have probably heard about mindfulness from a friend or a book. Mindfulness is a practice that encourages you to become more aware of your body and mind for that very moment. It is about noticing how our mind takes our attention from the present; catching our mind when it wanders and re-focusing our mind back to where it belongs.

Our thoughts are so focused on the future that we don’t even know what it is like to be in the present. Just like we know how to relax our bodies, so too, we can relax the mind. It is now a trend to learn how to relax our mind!

If you had a bad date or a bad day at work, you can acknowledge the feeling and let it be by tuning into your body and paying attention to the present moment. If you have an important meeting coming up, instead of coming into it under pressure, you can learn how to train yourself to remain calm. We may not be able to change an event, but we can certainly control how we react to them.

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It allows you to enjoy the present and move forward in a positive way. Meditating helps you feel deeply connected to yourself. There are many different techniques of mindfulness. I will give you the top 3: walking, eating, and sitting.

  1.     Walking- When you are on the street, take a moment to think about every step you are taking. Put your focus to the ground. Feel your muscles moving with each and every step you take.
  2.     Eating- Look at the food you are about to place in your mouth. Feel the food to see if it is bumpy. What color is it? Let your mind focus on that.
  3.     Sitting- Whether you are on a bus, in your car, or your cough, try to let your thoughts enter your mind and then let them go. See how good that feels.

Obviously, putting into practice is easier said than done, but if you take just 10 minutes a day, you will see the benefits.

People who practice mindfulness have an increase in memory, focus, creativity, and emotional intelligence. By controlling your breathing, you will have immediate benefits such as controlled blood pressure and improved heart rate.

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Mindfulness can make you feel happy, relaxed and decrease stress. It helps people see their limits and strengths, so they are able to add happiness to their life! It improves your overall general health, well-being, physical health and mental health. There are cases that show mindfulness enhances the ability to deal with illnesses.

To help you stay focused on the goal of meditation, keep a journal to write down how happy and at peace you felt. If your energy is feeling low, or you are stressed, try to breathe in and out.

Oh, while there are always new trends to feel healthy, mindfulness is one that never goes out of style! Take a minute today, and remember to breathe in and out.

And the best part? You can add this practice to your night routine, relax, de-stress, take a good cup of tea and have an amazing night.

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