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Make The Most Out Of Your Teatox!

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We know that you guys want to make the most out your ASAP Teatox, so we're here to help. Below are our top 4 tips to help the weight stay off and keep you feeling #majestic.

1. Be Consistent!

We recommend that you drink ASAP Teatox once in the morning (#MorningBoost) and once before bed (#EveningDetox). This way those annoying toxins are released at the most important times of day. The more consistent you are with drinking your tea, the better the effects and the fewer toxins you carry around! (Not to mention, we find that Evening Detox really helps stop that late night snacking).

2. Don't Rush Your Cup!

Trust us, we get it. You start brewing your tea and it just looks and smells amazing and you just can't wait. But we here at ASAP Detox firmly believe in patience being a virtue. Let your tea brew in 8 oz of hot water for 15-20 minutes. You'll be glad you waited. The waiting time allows for the tea to expand and give out the maximum amount of nutrients. We promise you that it's worth it. 

3. Detox Your Negative Mind Too!

You can't be the most majestic version of yourself if you constantly think negative thoughts. Find some affirmations, write them down, and say them all day long. It might be annoying at first but we can guarantee that you won't regret it. Our personal favorite is: I control my own destiny. 

4. Treat Your Body With The Respect It Deserves!

We've all heard it before: healthy diet and exercise are the key to health and weight loss. Well, it's not far from the truth. While ASAP Teatox will definitely help the process, eating junk and staying still won't! Eat your veggies, get in some (fun!) movement and drink your tea like the majestic unicorn that you are. If you need any recipes or advice, just reach out to us at:

We cannot wait to see how you use ASAP Detox to become the best YOU!

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