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How to Stop Stress From Messing with Your #WeightLossGoals

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Everyone has it in life.

But did you know that all that stress could be stopping you from reaching your weight loss goals?

Now before you start stressing about your stress (we've all been there), check out the best ways to beat the stress weight gain below!

1. Eat Mindfully

We all know how easy it is to zone out while eating. But nothing is worse than the realization that your *handful* of chips turned into the whole bag...or two. Stick to eating three healthy meals a day and maybe some snacks. Gotta beat those cravings somehow...but it doesn't have to break the scale.

2. Sleep maybe don't cut out Netflix altogether (Stranger Things, anyone?). But definitely find your way to bed at SOME point. Sleep let's our brains slow down and process the stress of the day without our emotions messing with it. So, let your brain (and bed) do their jobs. 

3. Drop and Give me 10

Yes, push-ups. Exercise has been proven to lower coritsol levels (aka the stuff that makes us feel stressed) and increase endorphins (the feel-good hormone). So, as enticing as it is to skip that 6 am workout...don't. Your body and scale will thank you later.

4. Get Outside

The world has so much beauty in it that we often forget about. During seriously stressful times it can seem like nothing but our phones and offices exist. But that's not true at all! So, go outside, see the sun and look around at all that exists in this #magical world.

5. Swap your coffee for ASAP Detox Tea

We love our coffee as much as the next person. But caffeine can cause a serious spike in stress hormones. Our tea helps with weight loss and has calming ingredients. It's a true win-win situation.

Never let stress bash your #Goals ever again!

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