How to do Self Care Right this Valentines – ASAP

How to do Self Care Right this Valentines

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Nothing is more powerful than self-love and epic confidence (just ask Oprah). That’s why this valentines, we want focus on loving ourselves by treating our mind, body, and souls to some much needed detoxing.

Self-care can be intimidating. Like when someone tells you to relax you immediately tense up. It can't be hard to know how to integrate lighting candles, doing yoga, or meditating into our busy lives. Detox is here to save the day, giving you an easy and simple structure to get your body back on track.  Detox, when done right (#allnatural #vegan), gives your body more off what it needs, and helps it let go of...the crap. And hey, letting go so good stuff can come in is what valentine's day is all about! So, Here's some awesome research on how detox affects mind, body, and soul.

  • 1. Heal your body

  • Our bodies carry us everywhere we go. And we want to go big places this year! So giving your body a break, and letting it let go of toxins is huge. Ideally, detox gives your body the ability to release toxins from the blood, liver, and gut. This results in healing of your gut health (YASS) and natural weight-loss. The problem is not all detoxes are created equal. Some detoxes have laxatives (ick!) and other harmful chemicals. Our teas are so wholesome, we call it #TeaLC. Our detox’s are full of mint (a natural appetite suppressant), jasmine (lowers blood sugar and strengthens the immune system), gogi berries (reduce food cravings, low Glycemic Index, and yumm), and loads more all-natural detoxifying ingredients. We’ve had customers (fam) who have lost 5 kilo in two weeks and kept it off using detox. Significant others are shown to make us GAIN weight, but detoxing does the opposite! Detox 1, dating 0.

    2. Energize your mind

    When you detox, your body lets go of emotional and physical toxins it’s holding onto, leaving your body fresh and slim and giving your mind a break. One of the lesser known benefits of detoxing is increased focus and energy. Actually, one of the tell tale signs your body is screaming for a detox is mental fog and chronic exhaustion. While detoxing through diet is amazing, in order to get max mental benefits, its essential to complement that with energizing liquids: teatox. Our teas includes yerba mate, which on top of being Loaded with vitamins and minerals, will leave you feeling more productive, burn stored fat, and your energy levels. This tea is traditionally used as a healing herb from South America, and we are #blessed to use it to help heal people all over the world. So, try a morning boost detox to feel the increased mental focus, and natural energy.

    3. Brighten your soul

    Valentine’s Day is traditionally for the love of your life (or week) to show you how much they love you. Why does that love have to be another person? Loads of studies show that drinking tea each day makes your soul happier. Drinking tea is an incredible way to wind down after a long day. In the winter, a warm cup soothes away anxiety while in the summer, a nice iced blend of loose leaf tea can cool off nerves and refresh your body. You know that feeling you get after yoga? Soul is quiet, mind is alert, heart is filled with joy. Tea is yoga in a bottle. And hey, if you're looking for a new and cute way to infuse loose leaf teas, we have an all-in-one diffuser bottle thats flying off the shelf!

    Everyone, It’s time to make #teatoxing your #BAE.

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