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Family Health: 10 Tips to Get Your Family Fit

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Fitness can be, and at essence really is, a family commitment. When the family is all on board, supporting and helping each other on their health journeys, there is a higher change for sustained success. If you are a mother or father, it is up to you both to set a positive precedent for your children at a young age. Lead by example and emphasize to them the importance of fitness. If you are a child, teen, or young adult still living under the roof of your parents/guardian and want to kickstart the family fitness journey, you can also encourage those in your home to apply these techniques. 

  1. Plan outdoor activities: Hiking, swimming, camping, and even just an evening stroll are great ways to get everyone up and moving! Rather than going to a movie, consider going to the park. Instead of ice-cream, take a stroll after dinner. Say no to stagnation and yes to sunshine and movement!
  2. Blast music while you clean: The chores need to get done. There is no way around this fact. Nonetheless, whether the dishes get cleaned slowly and with resignation or speedily with excitement is a choice. Try blasting some music while doing dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, or just generally tidying up so as to encourage dancing, singing, and lively, active cleaning. 
  3. Create a space in the living room or office: Make a section of a room dedicated for at-home workouts. Everyone should have access to a space with a comfy mat and maybe some weights or an exercise ball to do a simple home routine.
  4. Take evening walks after dinner: If you are fortunate enough to have everyone together for a meal, suggest an evening walk after the meal has concluded. It is a nice way to continue conversation and help your body digest. 
  5. Wake early and do yoga: Whether alone or with your small children, teens, or parents (depending on your age), when one person wakes up early and starts their day right it encourages everyone else to do the same. If this routine becomes pleasant and warm, other members of your family might ask to join without you even pressing them to do so. Be a leader and begin a consistent practice. It is a great way to wake up your muscles! 
  6. Join a gym (with a family package): Affordable and encouraging, a family package allows everyone to carpool together to the gym but then separate and do their own routine. If the gym has classes, even better! Everyone can create their own workout regime while still having it be a family activity or commonality. 
  7. Frequent the community center/pool: While not every community has a center/pool, it is essential that you take advantage if yours does! It is a privilege and can be a fun activity for all ages. 
  8. Stay in for dinner: Eating out is expensive and often the unhealthier option, meaning you should try to stay in for meals. Make it an activity! Send some of the family to the store to buy the food and then prep it all together! You can divide the tasks or make it entirely communal. Teach one another what you learn about tasty, healthy treats. 
  9. Create a challenge (competition): Get creative. Make bets or challenges or rewards for the person who achieves their fitness/health goals. The family should be a support system as well as foster healthy, motivating competition. 
  10. Make it fun: You know your family best. Take it upon yourself to brainstorm how your children or parents might enjoy becoming more active. 

In all, family feeds off of each other. Psychologists say that you often become the average of the 5 people closest to you. In other words, we are who we surround ourselves with, so we ought to be aware and help co-create a healthy home environment. You can start by initiating family tea time, either morning, evening, or both. Check out our options TODAY

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