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Detox Tea: Fad Diet or Lifestyle Change?

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It seems like people talk about fad diets as much as they talk about wanting to lose weight.

Fad diets are the idea that if you eat only certain foods, at certain times, it'll be a quick fix to all your #WeightProbs.

But let's be real, they don't work. Because in order for weight loss to continue, you have to make REAL changes.

Go hard or go home anyone?

Lifestyle changes take longer and can be harder at first but if you really want to meet those #LifeGoals then it's the only way to go.

Here are 3 ways you can be sure that ASAP Detox is not a fad diet:

1. Our Tea Tastes Good

We've all had those diet foods or drinks that practically scream DIET. But ASAP Detox is an all natural tea made from nothing but wonderful smelling and tasting ingredients. 

2. We'll Never Tell You What to Eat

We don't have a list of foods that you can or cannot eat. Because we firmly believe that whatever diet is healthy for you is the best way to go. We won't ever suggest that you all eat is cookies but we also won't suggest that you survive on tea alone. Healthy diet and regular exercise is always important.

3. It's Not a Quick Fix

Yes, our tea will help speed up weight loss and get you closer to your #UltimateBodyGoals. But it also doesn't end after your first 14 or 28-day detox. We will always recommend that you continue to drink our teas because there is nothing unhealthy or scary in them. Just nutrients and vitamins that your body is crying out for.

So, make this year the year you #DitchDiets and start #LivingYourBestLife


Your ASAP Detox Family


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