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Why Drink Dandelion?

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Did you know?

Dandelions aren't just good for making wishes?

They're also an amazing addition to your weight loss journey.

ASAP Teatox  makes sure you get the maximum benefit from dandelion root. By having it in our Evening Detox, and letting it steep for 15 minutes, your digestive system is being flushed daily. 

Here are our top 5 reasons that dandelion is our secret weapon:

1. It has been shown to help your body break down fats quickly.

2. It acts as a natural means to beat bloating

3. It helps detoxify your liver

4. It can help clear up your skin (#BONUS)

and finally

5. It is FULL of vitamins and minerals.

All of this means that during your teatox, you lose weight and become the healthiest version of yourself. 

Let ASAP Detox help you achieve your goals and be your family along the way!


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