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ACT Now: Tips for Training at Home

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Only have a few minutes to exercise? No time to prep for the gym, travel there, and then make it all the way back home? Great! Because with a few simple mind shifts and preparations, you can get a strong workout in the comfort of your own home.

We created the 'ACT' method (Acclimate, Create, Transform) to help you make the most of the few minutes that you have:

A: Acclimate. Get comfortable. 

    • Make sure you have a mat to do abdominal workouts or stretches on
    • Learn how to open up your living room or workout space to create the energy you need
    • Stay focused and not distracted while the workout timer is running
    C: Create. Be balanced and thoughtful when structuring your routine. 
      • Lunges, jump squats, and push-ups are some classic, simple at home-friendly exercises
      • Make sure not to just ‘push’ but also pull (maybe get a pull-up bar for your door frames)
      • Take care of your body after as well! Drink, stretch, and relax easily after an at-home workout
      T: Transform. Be resourceful and utilize what you have on hand.
        • Everyday items can be perfect props (ex: use chairs as benches to do tricep dips)
        • Anything heavy is worth lifting: boxes, books, furniture, etc.
        • Just make it fun and repurpose your everyday items into exercise power tools!

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