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6 Quick Tips to Loose the Holiday Weight

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So you gained some weight over the holidays, trust us, you’re not alone. December was built for breaking #foodgoals. Getting back on track can feel overwhelming, so we compiled 6 simple and easy ways to get you feeling gorgeous, girl. 

    1. Trade sugary drinks for hydrating and healthy onesOur body needs plenty of water to keep digestion running smooth (and keep you slim). Sugary drinks are not the way! Not only are they bad for your teeth, they cause dehydration and weight gain. Swap out the diet coke for water with lemon right when you wake up. If plain water doesn't get you moving (we get it) try this all in one tea infuser! It makes infusing fresh tea easy, and its gorgeous. 

    2. Breath. You've probably heard that stress can cause weight gain. When we get stressed out body pumps out cortisol, leaving us hungry for no reason. Having correctly balanced hormones and detoxing your gut are essential to getting those stress levels back in check. The most gentle way to detox is through healthy, all natural teas (we call it teatox!).

    3. Up your veggies. Trade in that white rice for cauliflower. Swap avo toast for sweet potato toast. These small shifts, even one a day, will get you shedding pounds fast. 

    4. Move. Weather its a spin class, a brisk walk with your stroller, or taking the stairs, getting your heart pumping is whats its about. Check out how Aussies loose weight with just 20-minutes of exercise a day.

    5. Pack snacks. Its a long way from lunch to dinner. If you know your someone whose going to grab something from CVS or the bodega, bring some cut veggies, an apple or banana (bloat fighting), or some edamame if you're fancy. Having snacks on hand will help curb your cravings until you reach your nearest and dearest fridge.

    6. Try a Detox. Getting into a good routine can be intimidating. Sometimes you need a little guidance. So: we’ve set up both 14-day detox and 18-day detox plans so that its easier to loose weight and stay #fresh. Our yummaliscious teas are packed with healthy whole ingredients, and will leave people asking how the heck do you look so good! Not sure? Check out what our awesome customers have to say...

We're sending you the best of luck and these 6 tips in hopes we can all loose the weight in time for the beach! 

Much love,

ASAP Detox team 


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