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6 Foolproof Weight Loss Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

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"Diet starts tomorrow" - does this sound familiar? We all have that nagging voice in our heads, telling us that it’s time to drop some pounds or kilos. Losing weight is not only a necessity for  many people to live a more healthy life but also contributes to good mental health. Weight loss may sound intimidating but the truth is anybody can lose 10 pounds or more as long as you are willing to commit and push on forward.

So how do you make worthwhile weight loss resolutions that you can actually stick to? I'm sure you've all tried the usual, standard goals such as drinking less, eating more healthy, exercising more, saving money and so on. Our list of six health-related resolutions are specific, easy to implement and are guaranteed to make you feel better. The best thing about them? You can start straight away!

  1.  Rest Up

Sleep is a key aspect to your health. The more refreshed you feel, the more you are able to tackle your day. Getting enough sleep has been shown to help your brain function better and you will be more productive. However, getting enough sleep can be easier said than done. Our busy lives tend to take over and sleep is often something that we neglect. Even when we do sleep, it might not be the best quality. The good news is that there are few simple steps you can take to fall into a restful slumber quickly. Try some of these:

  • Turn off the electronics – the blue glow from your devices actually wakes your brain up, therefore inhibiting your ability to fall soundly asleep. Switch off your phone, tablet, television and e-reader around an hour before bedtime. In fact, try to avoid having them in your bedroom all together. If you feel you need to wind down, try reading from a book or magazine.
  • Invest in some quality bedding – the more comfortable you are in bed, the better you will sleep. Shop around for a good mattress and high quality sheets. Remember to wash them frequently to keep bacteria away. This will also help minimize the effects of any allergies caused by dust or other build up in your bedding.
  • Give your bedroom a makeover – a tidy and mess-free space has been shown to create the calming environment your body needs to rest. If possible, implement some feng shui methods such as having a space around your bed, using dimming lights or lamps, and covering mirrors. Use calming colors such as neutral tones and pale blue hues to feel help you feel stress free.
  1. Enjoy Breakfast

You’ve probably heard the saying that breakfast is most important meal of the day. Sure, it gives you a great, energetic kick start and can help boost your metabolism, which in turn has a positive effect on weight loss. However, if you've never been a big fan of breakfast adding to your schedule can be difficult. Some studies have shown that if you have always been one to skip breakfast, eating it now may not have a huge impact on weight loss. Still, getting the right start to your busy day is important, so try some of these tips:

  • Prepare breakfast the night before – whip up some tasty overnight oats or savory muffins and leave them in the fridge. Come the morning, all you need to do is eat! If you are not much of a morning eater, you can take it with you to eat at work when you are feeling more hungry. This will help to eliminate mid morning cravings.
  • Start small – there is no need to prepare a three-course meal! A simple bowl of muesli, a yogurt or a banana are quick and healthy ways to start your day.
  • Drink Detox Tea – if you really aren't a breakfast person ASAP Morning Boost will give you a great morning lift and cleanse your body. This particular herbal blend was voted as Best Tea for Weight Loss so you should see good results within a month.
  1. Move More

Instead of making grand plans to visit a gym five days a week, or run several miles each day, simply choose to ‘move more’. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park your car further away from the shops and walk, ride your bike to work instead of taking public transport. Even if you exercise regularly, these little bits of extra movement will make a difference and are simple resolutions to keep.

  1. Learn to Cook

Learning to cook your own healthy, fancy meals is far more exciting than simply ‘eating healthier’. Gather fresh produce and create your own meals – just the way you like them! It's much easier to keep track of nutritional content and calories when you know what exactly is going into a meal. Learning to cook has the added bonus of saving you money and allows you to throw impressive dinner parties!

  1. Stress Less

Our hectic modern lifestyles make stressing less a little difficult, but it really is something you should get a handle on. Exercise is a great stress-buster, so by getting active you will not only improve your fitness, but find yourself with a calmer mindset. Set aside a few minutes of each day to practice mindfulness and develop a more positive and serene approach to your lifestyle. ASAP's Evening Detox Tea contains many ingredients that help to relieve stress and anxiety. Did you know this herbal blend was created as tea for weight loss?  Sit back, relax and unwind with a hot cup and sip your worries away!

  1. Drink Best Detox Tea Daily

Detox is a very common word when it comes to weight loss resolutions. Ridding your body of harmful toxins is key to helping you feel better. When you feel better you are more likely to be able to tackle your resolutions, and keep the good habits going. Use the start of your weight loss journey to try ASAP’s 28-Day Teatox and by the end of the month,  you will have a greater spring in your step! Adding a Tea Detox to your health regime is an easy habit to form and one that will be sure to last all year long!

 Hopefully, these 6 resolutions have inspired you to start your weight loss journey with a motivated bang. These resolutions are easy to keep and are bound to help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals. Most of all – don’t ever give up and keep it going! Keep it positive and believe in yourself. You can do it!


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