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4 Reasons Why You Need A Best Fit Friend (BFF)

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Deciding to become a healthier version of yourself can seem overwhelming. Almost isolating. Your friends are all out eating fast food and you're heading to the gym.

It can be rough.

Enter your BFF.

From one introvert to another, I get it, being around people can be exhausting. But science has shown that having a workout partner or best bit friend (BFF) is super important.

Here are our top 4 reasons showing that walking this journey with someone is the best way to go!

1. It creates a feeling of responsibility

We all would much rather sit and watch TV with a bag Doritos (YUM) then go for a run. And often, if we're only responsible to ourselves, that's the exact decision we make. 

But we've also all seen the face of our friend when we cancel on them. And it's definitely not our fave. So, by committing to get healthy with someone else, we greatly increase the chance of us getting off the couch.

No sad puppy dog faces in this friendship!

2. That early morning motivation

Some mornings you wake up and just don't feel like making a cup of loose-leaf tea. We get it. Coffee is faster and has magic in it.

That's where your BFF comes in.

When it's not just you on this amazing detox/health journey, you can message someone who just GETS it. And we all know how amazing that feels. It's like a virtual high five.

3. It brings smiles into the hard moments

Creating a healthier lifestyle isn't all sunshines and rainbows. But having someone to make you in the middle can sure make it seem like it.

Sometimes, we all need a person to bring sunshine into our lives, create some light in the tunnel, you get what we mean.

Find yourself someone who will not only smile and #selfie at the top of the mountain but will also give you a pep talk before you start.

4. Friendship makes the world a better place.

Traveling through life alone, just isn't as great as it sounds. Having a friend, or two, that you care about and that care about you can make all the difference. 

These are just SOME of the reason we sell the Besties 28-Day Teatox

We don't like to go about it alone and think that you shouldn't either.

So, grab your BFF and some tea and come be a part of the #ASAPSkinnyFamily

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