15 Healthy Substitutes for Everyday Foods – ASAP

15 Healthy Substitutes for Everyday Foods

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When cleaning up our diet, we often think that it needs to be a drastic, overnight change. We need to be healthy and we need to do it NOW. But how? 

First of all drastic changes rarely last. It is likely that you will stop enjoying your bland "health" food. It will all be too unfamiliar, too untasty, and too much like eating cardboard. Rather, it is best to make simple, healthy swaps when you can to your regular food choices. Slowly, you might even begin to crave healthy foods and then, before you know it, without even realizing it, your diet will seem drastically different than it once was. However, if you want these changes to be sustainable, you have to be smart about your process.

In short, there are countless products and foods that many of us consume on a daily basis and cannot imagine our life without. This post is here to show you how you can satisfy your old habits with healthier substitutions, making it feasible for you to strive closer and closer to your health goals, one smart choice, one substitution, at a time. 

  1. Soda --> Fruit Seltzer: Get the sweet bubbly taste without the added chemicals and calories. 
  1. Bagel --> Sprouted toast: Sprouted grains are less processed, which means your body is able to digest them with ease and reap all the nutritional benefits. 
  2. Cheese / Mayo --> Avocado: Creamy texture with even more flavor and certainly more vitamins!
  3. Pasta --> Zucchini: Zoodles are all the rage in the gluten free community, but why not for everyone? Theyre simple and fun to make and leave you feeling great. 
  4. Meat --> Beans: If you are trying to cut out meat from your diet, beans are the best protein substitute. They are filling, lean, and great with a wide array of dishes. 
  5. Butter --> Unsweetened Applesauce (baking): It sounds odd, but try substituting applesauce for butter in your baking, and you wont be disappointed. It just works. 
  6. Sour Cream --> Greek Yogurt: Plain Greek yogurt also has a tart taste and goes great on all your favorite sour-cream-calling dishes. More protein, less fat, and all natural. 
  7. Pita / Chips --> Veggies: Dip veggies into your favorite hummus or ranch or other party-pleasers. No need to indulge in salty, fatty chips or to carb-overload on pita. 
  8. Croutons --> Nuts: All the crunch with at least half of the calories and carbs. 
  9. Iceberg Lettuce --> Dark Leafy Greens: Iceberg lettuce is low on nutrients, though high on crunch. Dark leafy greens might seem less refreshing, but the wonders they do internally will prove otherwise. 
  10. Cereal --> Rolled Oats: Cereal is usually packed with preservatives and added sugars. Ditch that for crunchy, filling rolled oats. Start your morning strong. 
  11. Sugar --> Dates: Whether in smoothies, baked goods, or some other yumy creation, dates serve as a great binder and sweet kick without the processed nonsense that refined sugar carries. 
  12. Coffee --> Tea: Coffee is not the worst of your problems, but if you want to be gentler on your internal organs and loosen up on the caffeine, try switching to tea. 
  13. Syrup --> Fruit Compote: Pancakes and waffles can seem incomplete without syrup but fruit compote saves the day. It is even tastier, more colorful, and packed with vitamins. 
  14. Popsicles --> Frozen Grapes: Summer heat can wear us down and leave us reaching for popsicles loaded with high fructose corn syrup. Get yourself refreshed with some frozen grapes instead, easy to snack on and easier to love. 

Start saying yes to a better you. You can do it! One substitution at a time. 


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