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Is Senna bad for you? ASAP Detox does not believe in harsh laxatives or anything that could be potentially harmful to your body. That’s why our tea does NOT contain any laxatives such Senna.

There are a few things you should know about senna: some people use it to help with constipation and irritable bowel syndrome and causes runny stool, stomach cramps and diarrhea. Other detox tea companies will claim that because it’s natural, senna is safe and effective in aiding your weight-loss goals.

While it’s true senna is natural, it is NOT a healthy or safe way to detox.  In using senna you will flush your body of everything, good and bad. The number on the scale may reflect that you’ve lost a few pounds, but it is only WATER WEIGHT, which is insignificant when it comes to short and long term weight loss goals. You are essentially dehydrating your body and as soon you as rehydrate it again, the lost pounds will come back. If you use senna or any laxative everyday you will harm your body by riding it of all the fluids and nutrients necessary to keep you healthy.

Long term use could result in your bowels not functioning normally, becoming dependent on laxatives. You also risk changing the chemical balance of electrolytes in your blood which could lead to heart function disorders, muscle weakness or live damage.

Did you know ASAP Teatox is First and Only company carrying 100% laxative-free detox tea? Our goal is to enhance your natural detoxification process, not harm it. Our special blends of detox tea are not only safe and natural, but it’s also delicious. Our ingredients have been expertly selected from the highest quality herbs and combined in order to make a great tasting product without any sugar or preservatives. Plus, EVERY INGREDIENT we use has a proven history of weight-loss and detoxifying benefit. So try our 14-Day Teatox or 28-Day Teatox TODAY!




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  • Asap Skinny Team I am buying your tea next month I get paid on 3rd.

    DARCI on
  • Hmmm this makes sense. Thank you for this great article. God bless you.

    MACEY V. on
  • kristie yes it works i lost 8 pounds after doing asapskinny 28 day teatox 2 times in a row. i buy it every month now, i feel dead without it because i have digestive issues so this helps me so much.

    STEVE P. on
  • Hey Steve did it work for you? I am trying to lose at least 10 pounds by summertime. Can you please tell me if this asapskinny tea thing actually works or not?

    kristie on
  • yup no laxative effects here! i’m allergic to senna i hate that stuff.

    Steve P. on

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