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Gym memberships can be extremely pricey and for some people, they can be far away. It's a huge misconception that you must go to a gym in order to get a good work out. So let's discuss other easy ways we can sweat it out (for free)!

  • Before you start working out, always remember to warm up! This way, you will avoid injuries. Warming up is very important as it sends increased amount of oxygen and blood flow to your muscles. It also prepares you mentally so you can get more focused and motivated.
  • Jog around your neighborhood! Start out with walking and increase your speed little by little. If you have never jogged before, you could try it out for 5 minutes a day and then slowly increase your duration. Jogging burns tons of calories and beats a lot of other cardio workouts. Grab a family member or a friend to make it more fun.
  • Youtube is full of golden workouts for free! Seriously, almost everything you want to try can be found on youtube. Yoga, pilate, core strengthening, etc. All it will require is your time and dedication.
  • Go swimming! Head to your nearest beach to burn off of those calories for free. If you do not have a beach nearby you, does your apartment complex have a community pool? Or do you have a friend or a family member who has a pool? For those who are prone to muscle injuries, try working out inside a pool. Water's resistance will minimize wear on muscles and joints while strengthening them. So give it a shot!
  • Go for a walk/hike with your doggy companion! Don't forget about your doggy friends. Burn off calories and keep each other motivated. Get healthy together. Because dogs are family too.

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