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Are you always feeling hungry no matter what? We often hear this from people who are trying to lose weight. There could be many reasons on why you are constantly hungry. But the number one reason is that you are simply eating wrong kinds of foods.

    1. Eat more, not less! Yup, you read that correct. We see too many people starving themselves to lose weight which often results in binge eating. Start eating more vegetables and replace them with processed foods. For instance, we absolutely love steamed vegetables! They are very easy to make and delicious too. Try buying fresh organic vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, squash and cabbage. Simply steam over boiled water and eat them without worries. You could also try making vegetable soups with healthy ingredients.


      1. Find good multi-vitamin and probiotics! This is also very important. In order for your metabolism to work properly, it is important to intake certain amounts of vitamins and minerals. You could also try eating yogurt or taking supplements for probiotics. Since probiotics are the "good" bacteria in your gut, they will help improve your digestive system.


        1. Keep yourself hydrated! Make sure you drink plenty of liquids such as water and tea. Some people swear by drinking water or tea before and after their meals to keep them feeling full. It is recommended to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. Try carrying around a bottle with you at all times so you won't skip out on drinking liquids.


          1. Try making healthy smoothies! Still not feeling full after your meal? Make yourself a delicious vegetable/fruit smoothie and enjoy it. We absolutely love drinking smoothies daily because they get us full and feeling great.


            1. Drink tea to beat cravings! We all know how hungry we get during lunch time or right before we go to sleep. Instead of grabbing sugary snacks, try drinking tea. You could always use honey or agave for extra flavor.





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